This Week on 'Visiting' -- Sci-fi, Sacramento, and the Santa Ana Racetrack


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Monday @ 7:30PM -- "Governor's Mansion"

Huell gets a behind-the-scenes look at the Governor's Mansion in Sacramento. We'll get a special tour from Kathleen Brown, who lived in the house as a teenager.

Tuesday @ 7:30PM -- "Ackermansion"

Huell takes a special tour of Forrest Ackerman's home, which is a shrine to and museum of sci-fi and horror memorabilia. The self-described inventor of the term "sci-fi," Dr. Ackula (as he liked to be called), boasted over 300,000 items from genre films, books and TV shows. He was also a literary agent, and editor of numerous fanzines. Best of all, he opened his house to the public. (Note: Ackerman passed away in 2008 and the museum is no longer operational.)

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Wednesday @ 7:30PM -- Fire Museum

Located at historic fire Station No. 30 on South Central Avenue in Los Angeles, the African--American Firefighter Museum is a nonprofit organization dedicated to collecting, conserving and sharing the heritage of African-American Firefighters.


Thursday @ 7:30PM -- "Clocker's Corner"

Huell rides out to Santa Anita Park and meets up with trainers, jockeys and fans at Clocker's Corner. It's a great spot for breakfast that provides an up-close view of racehorses going through their morning workout.

Friday @ 7:30PM -- "California Testers"

Huell visits the Smith-Emery Company in Los Angeles, which has been in business since 1904 and whose staff of inspectors and engineers put all sorts of construction materials through rigorous tests.

Saturday @ 5PM -- "Korean Market"

Huell goes to Koreatown with L.A. Times reporter Connie Kang to shop at Hannam Market, where he learns about many exotic and tasty foods found there.

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Saturday @ 5:30PM -- "Produce and Floral Expo"

Huell steps into the Fresh Produce & Floral Council Expo, an exciting one-day show filled with over 170 exhibits and attended by produce and floral professionals from every part of the industry.


Sunday @ 7PM -- "County USC Medical Center"

Join Huell as he gets a tour of Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center, which has been a familiar landmark for over a 100 years. The big white building has been used in many TV shows and films and has serviced countless patents over the years. In 2008 the old hospital finally closed its doors and all the remaining patients were moved to the new state of the facility across the street.

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