This Week on 'Visiting With Huell Howser' -- Animal Acres and Pen Collectors

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Monday @ 7:30PM -- "Animal Acres"

Huell visits Shelley Morrison (Rosario on "WIll & Grace") at Animal Acres, a facility caring for neglected and abused farm animals in Acton, California.

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Tuesday @ 7:30PM -- "Pen Collectors"

Huell meets a group of fountain pen collectors at their annual meeting.

Wednesday @ 7:30PM -- "Tustin"

Huell visits the old Marine base in Tustin to see what the city has planned for the two huge old blimp hangers and the hundreds of acres of land. One of the hangers will be turned into a huge sports complex and the other is still in limbo. The Orange County Rescue Mission is building an amazing facility on the base and there are some other very exciting plans in the works.

Thursday @ 7:30PM -- "Moorten Botanical Garden"

Huell visits an amazing cactus garden that's been a Palm Springs attraction for three generations.

Friday @ 7:30PM -- "Webb School"

Alumni from the Webb School Class of 1961 revisit an archaeological dig in Barstow, and Huell tags along to learn more about the memorable experiences at their alma mater, particularly those with their inspirational teacher Dr. Raymond Alf. Huell then travels to the campus of the Webb Schools in Claremont to see Dr. Alf's legacy firsthand.

Saturday @ 5:00PM -- "Watch Convention"

Huell finds out what's ticking at a watch convention in Pasadena.

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Saturday @ 5:30PM -- "Pen Collectors"

Huell meets a group of fountain pen collectors at their annual meeting.

Sunday @ 7:00PM -- "Stealth Ship"

Sea Shadow is the Navy's "Stealth Ship." It's a futuristic vessel built to test new naval technologies especially signature control--better known as stealth. Follow Huell to Navy Pier in San Diego for an extraordinary tour.

Sunday @ 7:30PM -- "S.S. Catalina Update"

Huell traces the history of the S.S. Catalina, which carried 24 million passengers to-and-from Catalina Island from 1924 to 1975. Considered by many to be the West Coast's most storied vessel, the S.S. Catalina fell into disrepair while docked at Ensenada and efforts to rescue and restore the legendary ship ultimately failed. It was dismantled and scrapped. Today, some of the ship's original signs, doors, and benches decorate the home of Coos Bay resident Dave Engholm, whose love for the S.S. Catalina led he and his family into a remarkable restoration project.