This Week on 'Visiting With Huell Howser' -- Halal Food and a Camel Diary

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Monday @ 7:30PM -- "Halal Food"

Huell learns about the Muslim food tradition of halal. First stop is Payless Produce -- a Halal market known for its Halal meats. Then its off to China Islamic, a restaurant, to sample some very tasty food that proves that this ancient Muslim tradition is alive and well here in Southern California and gives us insight into a very rich and important part of everyday life for our large Muslim community.

Tuesday @ 7:30PM -- "Press Photographers"

Huell meets the photographers behind some of the most memorable and historical images of the 20th century as he attends the opening of the 75th Anniversary Historical Photo Exhibit onboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach.

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Wednesday @ 7:30PM -- "Camel Dairy"

Huell visits the Oasis Camel Dairy east of San Diego where he gets to milk a camel, plays with baby camels and learns about camel milk products.

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Thursday @ 7:30PM -- "Unique Landmarks"

Join Huell as he uncovers two remarkable, little-known Los Angeles treasures. First, we stop at the site of the first Koyasan Temple for a ceremony designating the Aoyama Tree as a Los Angeles Landmark. Then Huell stops in at beautiful Franklin Canyon Park, only to find that it's allegedly "the center of Los Angeles" itself. The tree is just across from the Japanese American National Museum and about a block from the Koyasan Buddhist Temple.

Friday @ 7:30PM -- "Fire Trucks"

If you've ever wondered where old fire trucks go when they retire, here's the show for you. Joe Ortiz (a retired fireman) has collected one of the largest collections of antique and modern fire fighting equipment around. Huell goes to Joe's house in Shadow Hills for a personal tour and a very special ride in the back of a hook and ladder.

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Saturday @ 5:00PM -- "Ansel Adams"

Many people are familiar with Ansel Adams famous landscape photographs of Yosemite, but there is a whole other body of work that is rarely discussed. Huell visits the Los Angeles Public Library to see the "forgotten Los Angeles photographs" taken by Ansel in 1940 for a Fortune Magazine article on pre-war L.A. These photographs were later donated to the library by Ansel and are now in their collection. Huell is joined by Jonathan Spaulding, the Executive Director and Chief Curator of the Museumof the American West and Autry National Center, and author of "Ansel Adams and the American Landscape." They spend the day in downtown Los Angeles to visit many of the sites where the original photographs were taken.

Saturday @ 5:30PM -- "Santa Barbara Stagecoach"

In this one-hour special, Huell retraces the route of the old Stagecoach line in and around Santa Barbara. Join him for the ride through history.

Sunday @ 7:00PM -- "Hidden Gems"

Tustin is famous for its WWII blimp hangers, but this vibrant community has lots of history and some real hidden gems. Huell spends the day exploring Tustin and starts off at the Tustin Museum for a little history lesson. He visits an honest to goodness blacksmith and stops into the Wooden Indian for a haircut. We'll see some wonderful old architecture and even grab some lunch at wonderful BBQ joint.