This Week on 'Visiting With Huell Howser' -- Miso and Mochi Making


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Monday @ 7:30PM -- "Panorama Update"

Huell heads to the new home of the Panorama and meets up with Sara to see what has changed and what you can expect if you choose to visit.

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Tuesday @ 7:30PM -- "Webb School"

Alumni from the Webb School Class of 1961 revisit an archaeological dig in Barstow, and Huell tags along to learn more about the memorable experiences at their alma mater.



Wednesday @ 7:30PM -- "Miso"

In this adventure, Huell visits Miyako Oriental Foods Inc. to find out how miso is made.


Thursday @ 7:30PM -- "Japanese Mochi"

The Japanese new year tradition of making mochi is alive and well in Southern California. Starting with huge pots of steamed rice, Huell uncovers the labor intensive process of making mochi, also known as the "food of the gods."

Friday @ 7:30PM -- "Lucky Baldwin Railcar"

Huell gets a special tour of this lavish car that housed a full staff, sleeping quarters, dining area, kitchen and music room.

Saturday @ 5:00PM -- "Philippe's Update"

Huell revisits one of the oldest and most colorful restaurants in Los Angeles: Philippe's, the home of the French dip sandwich.

Sunday @ 7PM -- "Subway Terminal Update"

Huell revisits the Red Car Tunnels under Los Angeles and the tunnel entrance at Belmont Station.