This Week on 'Visiting With Huell Howser' -- Modjeska House and Tear Drop

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Monday @ 7:30PM -- "Modjeska House"

Huell visits the historic home and gardens of Helena Modjeska. Still considered Poland's most famous actress, she settled in Orange County in 1876 creating a beautiful residence to return to while performing throughout the United States.

Tuesday @ 7:30PM -- "Miso"

Many of us have sat down to a Japanese meal and have been served a brothy soup named miso. In this adventure, Huell visits Miyako Oriental Foods Inc, to find out how this this traditional Japanese staple is made.

Wednesday @ 7:30PM -- "Sparkletts"

Did you know that America drinks 4.4 billion gallons of bottled water a year? In Los Angeles the company that quenches many of our thirsts is Sparkletts. The company began in 1925 and within three years, they had sold one million bottles of water. Huell gets a wonderful tour of this historic company and even takes a look at its source.

Thursday @ 7:30PM -- "Ferguson's Shells"

Huell's off to Wilmington to visit Ferguson's Marine Specialties, which is owned and operated by Ralph Ferguson and his daughter, Lupe. Once inside, Huell is literally surrounded by beautiful seashells from all over the world. Ferguson's has a wonderful, authentic, old-time feel to it.

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Friday @ 7:30PM -- "Tear Drop"


Step back in time with Huell as he visits a weekend gathering of classic teardrop trailers. A little more than eight feet long, they sleep two and have a built-in kitchen on the back. Some were built by various manufacturers, but many were lovingly built or restored by hand from plans in a Popular Science magazine.

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Saturday @ 5:00PM -- "County USC Medical Center"

Join Huell as he gets a tour of Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center, which has been a familiar landmark for over a 100 years. The big white building has been used in many TV shows and films and has serviced countless patents over the years. In 2008 the old hospital finally closed its doors and all the remaining patients were moved to the new state of the facility across the street.

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Sunday @ 7:00PM -- "Joshua Tree Special"

Huell travels down to where the streets have no name. There, he sees the world's tallest, oldest and most peculiar-looking Joshua Trees in an episode devoted to this remarkable desert plant. Later, Huell meets a man who grew up on a ranch in the seclusion of what is now Joshua Tree National Park.