This Week on 'Visiting With Huell Howser' -- Pig Ears and a Wart Hog


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Monday @ 7:30PM -- "Mt. Hollywood"

Join Huell on this early morning adventure as he talks to some of the hundreds of people who hike to the top of Mt. Hollywood every day for their physical and mental health. It's going to be a great day!

Tuesday @ 7:30PM -- "Art City"

Huell visits a special gallery in Ventura which provides sculptors with raw materials, a place to work, and a supportive place to show their art.

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Wednesday @ 7:30PM -- "Wart Hog Update"

Huell goes to the Los Angeles Zoo to reunite with the baby wart hog featured in a 1983 episode.

Thursday @ 7:30PM -- "Crossroads"

Huell visits the iconic Crossroads of the World on Sunset Boulevard. With its beautiful globe-topped tower, Crossroads was designed originally as an international shopping center and was Los Angeles' first outdoor shopping mall. Now used as office space, this is one Los Angeles gem that is still alive and well. As a bonus, Huell spends the last ten minutes of the show learning about the history of the "landscaped" billboards.

Friday @ 7:30PM -- "Koi Farm"

Huell visits a koi farm and is amazed to see everything that goes into raising these beautiful fish.

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Saturday @ 5PM -- "Pork Rinds"

The family-owned Gaytan Foods has been making chicharrones since the early 1900s. Their modern facility was opened in 1935 and still exists in its original location. Chicharrones are pork rinds that have been boiled in oil and seasoned. They are a real treat and Huell learns all you ever wanted to know about them.

Saturday @ 5:30PM -- "Pig Ears"

Huell's bartender at Musso & Frank told Huell how much he liked to eat pig ears as a child. Well, Huell dove right in and learned a lot more than he expected about different cultures and this culinary treat. To see a Latin spin on how pig ears are prepared, Huell stops by Gaytan Foods and sees the pickled pig ears. Then he meets up with Ruben (from Musso & Frank) at Durango Restaurant where they cook them just like his mom used to. Finally, he samples a gelatinous Asian delicacy at the Chung King Restaurant.

Sunday @ 7:00PM -- "Hidden Gems"
Tustin is famous for its WWII blimp hangers, but this vibrant community has lots of history and some real hidden gems. Huell spends the day exploring Tustin and starts off at the Tustin Museum for a little history lesson. He visits an honest to goodness blacksmith and stops into the Wooden Indian for a haircut. We'll see some wonderful old architecture and even grab some lunch at wonderful BBQ joint.