This Week on 'Visiting With Huell Howser' -- Pita Bread and Pork Rinds


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Monday @ 7:30PM -- "Sauerkraut"

In 1896, the Kruegermann family started making pickles in Germany. The family immigrated to California in 1965 along with their secret family recipes for not only pickles but sauerkraut as well. In this episode, Huell spends the day with this wonderful family at their 25,000-foot facility, where he learns all about the art of sauerkraut!

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Tuesday @ 7:30PM -- "Halal Food"

Huell learns about the Muslim food tradition of halal. First stop is Payless Produce -- a Halal market known for its Halal meats. Then its off to China Islamic to sample some very tasty food that proves that this ancient Muslim tradition is alive and well here in Southern California and gives us insight into a very rich and important part of everyday life for our large Muslim community.

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Wednesday @ 7:30PM -- "Hot Peppers"

Huell's hot adventure begins at downtown Los Angeles's Grand Central Market, where we discover some of the spiciest peppers and chili sauces around. But you won't find anything hotter than Moe Newaz's backyard variety of Ghost Peppers and Devil's Tongue peppers in Santa Clarita. We also learn about the Scoville Heat Scale, developed in 1912 by chemist Wilbur Scoville, which has become the standard for measuring spicy foods.

Thursday @ 7:30PM -- "Pita Bread"

It all started at Huell's dry cleaner and a sandwich made with pita. He wanted to learn more about this wonderful flatbread, so he visited a pita factory to learn all about the art of making this ancient food. And yes, this delicious adventure ends with a pita-based feast.

Friday @ 7:30PM -- "Pork Rinds"

The family-owned Gaytan Foods has been making chicharrones since the early 1900s. Their modern facility was opened in 1935 and still exists in its original location. Chicharrones are pork rinds that have been boiled in oil and seasoned. They are a real treat and Huell learns all you ever wanted to know about them.

Saturday @ 5:00PM -- "Huell in Havana"

Huell spends ten days in Cuba and brings his Hi-8 video. We get a rare look at Havana and a feel for life in this "off-limits" country.

Sunday @ 7PM -- "Governor's Mansion"

Huell gets a behind-the-scenes look at the Governor's Mansion in Sacramento. We'll get a special tour from Kathleen Brown, who lived in the house as a teenager.

Sunday @ 7:30PM -- "Bullocks Wilshire Library"

Huell revisits the beautiful Bullocks Wilshire building, which is now the home of Southwestern University's law library.