This Week on 'Visiting With Huell Howser' -- Sauerkraut and Tampico Spices

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Monday @ 7:30PM -- "Sauerkraut"

In 1896, the Kruegermann family started making pickles in Germany. The family immigrated to California in 1965 along with their secret family recipes for not only pickles but sauerkraut as well. In this episode, Huell spends the day with this wonderful family at their 25,000-foot facility, where he learns all about the art of sauerkraut!

Here's a preview:


Wednesday @ 7:30PM -- "Hair Convention"

Join Huell as he visits the 1997 Long Beach International Beauty Expo for a very exciting and colorful look at the world of beauty care. Huell and 50,000 beauty care professionals share a wild day.

Thursday @ 7:30PM -- "Mt. Hollywood"

Join Huell on this early morning adventure as he talks to some of the hundreds of people who hike to the top of Mt. Hollywood every day for their physical and mental health. It's going to be a great day!

Friday @ 7:30PM -- "Tampico Spices"

Huell visits Tampico Spice Company and sees how the spices are ground, sifted and mixed into aromatic blends. He also learns the history of this local institution, which has been run by the Martinez family since 1947.

Saturday @ 5:00PM -- "Subway Terminal Update"

Huell revisits the Red Car Tunnels under Los Angeles and the tunnel entrance at Belmont Station.

Sunday @ 7:00PM -- "Philippe's Update"

In this special one-hour episode, Huell revisits one of the oldest and most colorful restaurants in Los Angeles: Philippe's, the home of the French dip sandwich. Family-owned, Philippe's is a true L.A. institution and was one of Huell's favorites!