Watch Hugh Laurie on MI5

Hugh Laurie is the gifted British actor who deftly moves like a chameleon from one distinct role to another.Americans were first introduced to Laurie's talents when he co-starred opposite Stephen Fry in Jeeves and Wooster which aired on public television in 1990. Laurie played Bertie Wooster and not only did we enjoy his comedic skills but also his musical ones. Laurie's ability to sing and play the piano was often featured in the episodes.

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The role that catapulted Laurie to prominence and fame in America is that of Dr. Gregory House, the snarly physician on the hit series loved by millions. I was initially put off by the hyperbole surrounding his performance on that show, enough so that I initially steered cleared of the series. One night, though, when I was in a channel surfing mood, I paused on House long enough to get hooked harder than the pain pills Laurie's character is addicted to. Laurie's work is terrific. There's never a false moment in his performance.Here's your chance to see yet another dimension of the actor in the the terrific series MI5. you can see Hugh Laurie on Wednesday, November 17, at 8:00 PM on KCET; he plays Jools Siviter, the department head of the MI6 agency.

One of the fun parts of working at KCET, where the Tavis Smiley national series is taped, is being able to sit in the wings during Tavis' taping. A few weeks ago, Hugh Laurie sat down for a half hour with Tavis and a group of us laughed and howled during the exchanges between Tavis and Laurie. He was charming, funny, and a gentleman. You can see the complete half hour interview by clicking on the link at the end of this piece.Enjoy Hugh Laurie tomorrow night on MI5 only on KCET.

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