Watch This Weekend's Classic Cool Theater Presentation, 'The Big Lift,' Online Now!


Psst. Didn't catch KCET's Saturday night airing of the Montgomery Clift war film, "The Big Lift"? That's no problem, because right now you can watch the entire film -- plus the cartoon, the musical number and vintage news reel -- over on KCET's "Classic Cool Theater" video channel.

  • To watch the whole feature-length presentation, click here.
  • To watch this week's cartoon, a Popeye short titled "Out to Punch," click here.
  • To watch this week's musical number, Louis Jordan's "Honey Chile," click here.
  • To watcha newsreel of the real-life events that inspired "The Big Lift," click here.
  • And finally, what Hollywood icon once called "The Big Lift" star Montgomery Clift "a little sh--"? To find out, click here and read this week's "Classic, Cool Context" article on the history behind "The Big Lift" as well as a little insight what Los Angeles was like when this film originally hit theaters back on April 16, 1950.
(Note: Links will remain live until Friday night, at which point they'll be replaced with the next's weekend's Classic Cool Theater content.)

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