When Huell Howser Met Dolly Parton, Part 2


In the first "Retro Huell" post, Huell interviewed Dolly Parton in her posh Manhattan apartment. Today, we have another round of Huell and Dolly, and this time it happens at the premiere of her movie debut, the 1980 comedy "Nine to Five." Check out Huell's CNN broadcast from the red carpet:



Some highlights:

0:43 -- "I think she is Mae West that sings better... and has more vulnerability."

0:49 -- Jane Fonda with 80s hair looking a bit like Kristen Wiig doing Jane Fonda with 80s

1:43 -- The strangeness of Dolly Parton, wearing a cleavage-intensive dress that puts a
whole lot of Dolly out there, telling anyone else "You're everywhere I go!"

2:13 -- "My leg!" "Your leg."

3:18 -- On following up "Nine to Five" with "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas" with Burt Reynolds: "I love working with Lily and Jane, but now Burt is a whole 'nother smoke."

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