When Huell Howser Met Ed Koch

Just for the sake of observing a documented moment of history, you should watch this 1980 clip of Huell Howser taking a jog with then-New York City mayor Ed Koch. Technically speaking, Huell picks up Koch midway through the fun run, as if that's just the most casual, normal thing in the world. As odd as that may seem, it's somehow even weirder seeing Huell Howser along the East River, because most of us think of him as a strictly Los Angeles or strictly Nashville dude. But here he is in NYC, seemingly as at home as he is anywhere else.


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History aside, there are a few more moments worth noting in this clip. First of all, we're all familiar with Huell in his trademark polo shirt, but here Huell seems to be sporting an awesome, long-sleeved activewear version of that polo. Because it's Huell, he looks great. Was this what people wore to work out back in 1980? I feel like I missed out. Ed Koch, Huell's "new jogging companion," meanwhile, is dressed like Halloween.


Check the 1:32 mark. I want all mayors to wave like this.

The preview of next week's episode of Huell's CBS series "To Life!" seems awesome. Insect bites! Giving toddlers toy trucks! The woman who looks confused about why she's on a barge! Had I the ability, I would tune in.

Finally and most importantly, the segment literally ends with Huell running into the sunset. This is the perfect ending to anything.

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