When Huell Howser Met John Ritter


As fun as it is to reminisce about Huell Howser wandering around his adopted home, California, it's also novel to see him in situations where his isn't the only big Southern accent in the room. Take this clip, for example, of his 1980 visit to the County Music Hall of Fame, where fans and family gather to honor Tex Ritter, who passed away in 1974. As Huell points out, few people realize that the actor John Ritter was the son of Tex Ritter and therefore the heir to a country entertainment legacy.



And the baby that John's wife is toting around through the festivities? That's Jason Ritter, who now stars on the TV series "Parenthood." In fact, around the four-minute mark, John Ritter declares that little Jason "has show business in his blood," and that really turned out to be true. As Ritter goes on to explain, it's meaningful to have Jason present at an event honoring his grandfather, even though Tex passed away before his grandson was born. Leave it to Huell look past the glitz of showbiz and find the real, human moment.

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