When Huell Met The Eagles


So here's an interesting package of old Huell Howser clips. First, it's a late-70s Huell touring the "party plane" that The Eagles flew on their concert tour. Immediately following is a May 1994 episode of "Visiting With Huell Howser" in which Huell attends The Eagles' inaugural performance of the Hell Freezes Over tour, at Irvine's Meadows Amphitheater.

Given the clips' focus on a major rock band, you'd think it would mostly focus on The Eagles themselves. Nope. The first clip doesn't actually feature The Eagles at all but rather the woman who works as the flight attendant/den mother on the party plane. At the 1994 concert, Huell does get to have a few words with The Eagles, but the rockers are basically given equal footing with everyone else -- crew members, behind-the-scenes folks and fans. Because it's Huell, and to him everyone's a celebrity.

See for yourself:



Watch for the 5:25 mark when Huell, refers to a group of firefighters, nearly says "You're all Farrah Fawcetts," before catching himself, correcting himself and continuing the interview without missing a beat. And then at 21:03, Glenn Frey grips Huell's biceps and asks, "When did you go out and buy the guns?"

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