Where's Huell? (Dec. 12-18)

This week, Huell spends some time at NASA, he visits Clementine The Goat and goes behind the scenes at In-N-Out. Scroll down to see where else he's headed this week:

Monday - Dec. 12, 7:30pm: Lunar Landing - Huell travels to Edwards, California to visit Dryden Flight Research Center, which is NASA's primary center for atmospheric flight research and operations. Before man could walk on the moon, they had to land safely and the Lunar Lander needed a lot of fine-tuning. Huell meets up with some of the men who spent many hours working on and flying that amazing craft in preparation for the first moon landing.
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Tuesday - Dec. 13, 7:30pm: Lindbergh Beacon - Huell traces the history of the 1928 Lindbergh Beacon, which was discovered at a city warehouse in the 1990s, restored to its original glory, and now shines over downtown Los Angeles from the top of City Hall. We also revisit Huell's original segment on the Beacon, when Project Restore rededicated the Beacon in the LAX terminal after its 50-year absence.
Check out the view from the top of City Hall, where the Beacon resides, courtesy of KPCC's John Rabe:

Wednesday - Dec. 14, 7:30pm: Clementine The Goat - Huell often spends his weekend mornings enjoying the many local Farmers Markets in Los Angeles. On one fateful day, he met a farmer who had a poster board loaded with photos of his beloved goat "Clementine". This began a journey to meet Clementine and hear the story of this remarkable animal and the man who saved her.
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Thursday - Dec. 15, 7:30pm: Backdrops - Join Huell as he literally gets a look at what is behind the scene when he visits Grosh Backdrops. They have been providing backgrounds to movies, TV shows, theaters and even school plays since 1932
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Friday - Dec. 16, 7:30pm: Blue Angels - Huell Howser accepts an invitation to spend a couple of days with the Blue Angels and ends up not only watching them train, but actually gets to go up with them in an F/A18 Hornet.
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Sunday - Dec. 18, 7:30pm: In-N-Out Burger - Huell takes us on an hour-long California's Gold Special which looks at the history of In-N-Out Burger. This is the first time television cameras have ever been allowed to shoot inside a store. And this special also includes an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of the In-N-Out Heaquarters in Baldwin Park where it all started back in 1948.
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