Where's Huell? Deep Underground, Exploring California's Buried Treasures!


What's a week without the continued adventures of KCET's Golden State-trotting hero, Huell Howser? It's like a summer without sunshine, that's what. Find out where Huell is headed this week. Hint: It involves some literal digging.

Monday @ 7:30PM -- "John Muir"

Huell Howser heads to Yosemite to meet John Muir... inasmuch as one can meet Mr. Muir nowadays. Did you know that in addition to offering instrumental advocacy in getting Yosemite and Sequoia declared national parks, Muir also founded the Sierra Club?


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Tuesday @ 7:30PM - "Buried Treasures"

Did you know that beneath the shifting sands of Santa Barbara County's Guadalupe Dunes lies an Egyptian temple? Kind of? It's the set of the Cecil B. De Mille epic "The Ten Commandments," and Huell heads out into the heat to search for these "ruins."


Wednesday @ 7:30PM -- "Under California"

And the Egyptian temple isn't the only thing buried beneath the surface of California. In this episode, Huell explores two more hidden treasures: first, the amazing underground gardens of Baldassare Forestiere, and then on to the Burro Schmidt Tunnel, the product of one man's 38-year effort to dig through a mountain.

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Thursday @ 7:30PM -- "Oil Islands"

Can oil drilling be beautiful? That's probably going to be a widely argued topic, but the people of Long Beach have done their best to gussy up a oil-drilling platform that exists right in the heart of the city's tourist sector. In fact, you may have seen it and not even realized what it truly is.


Friday @ 7:30PM -- "Upper Newport Bay"

Huell visits the Upper Newport Bay to see what is being done to keep this part of Orange County green and ready for everyone to enjoy.


Saturday @ 5PM -- "Straw Bale House"

It may sound a little Three Little Pigs-ish, but straw bales allow for surprisingly durable, energy efficient homes. Just make sure don't live in wolf territory, you know?

Sunday @ 7PM -- "Reagan Ranch"

Huell checks out Rancho del Cielo, where he learns hears about what life was like for Ron and Nancy in this corner of Santa Barbara County.


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