Where's Huell? From Griffith Park to Pismo Clams to Missing Lighthouses!

What's a week without the continued adventures of KCET's Golden State-trotting hero, Huell Howser? It's like springtime without poppies, that's what. This week, Huell crisscrosses the state, from as far north as Leggett in Mendocino County to as far south as the fanciest Orange County resident that doesn't belong to Sleeping Beauty.

Monday -- May 7, 7:30 PM: Modjeska House

When Helena Modjeska commissioned the construction of her fantastic Victorian home in Orange County, the veteran Shakespeare performer subbed the place "Arden," after the sylvan setting of the play "As You Like It." The Standford White-designed home still stands today, proving that the Disneyland castle isn't the only structure of note in L.A. County's neighbor to the south.

Watch a preview of Huell's look at the non-Disneyland places of note in Orange County:

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Tuesday -- May 8, 7:30 PM: Yosemite with Michael Adams

Perhaps more than anyone else, Ansel Adams contributed to worldwide awareness of California's scenic natural wonders. That's why Huell's travel buddy for his trip to Yosemite offers unique insight: It's Ansel Adams' son, Michael. Together, these two attempt to find one of the exact spots from which Ansel Adams took one of his famous photos.

Watch a preview of this episode:

Wednesday -- May 9, 7:30 PM: Ferndell

You know how Angelenos can't look away when there's a car chase on TV? I suspect that's a result of a fascination with seeing the places we live rendered onscreen. And while you might guess that we'd seen enough of our city -- in movies, on TV shows, everywhere -- I'm guessing that many viewers will find it hard to resist watching Huell's take on the leafy paradise that is Griffith Park's Ferndell. It's one of the best walks in all of L.A., and it's one of the few that don't require sunscreen.

Watch a preview of this episode:

Thursday -- May 10, 7:30 PM: Pismo Clams

Just south of San Luis Obispo sits a beachside town that today has a reputation as a party spot for Cal Poly students. Back in the day, however, Pismo Beach marketed itself as the clam capitol of the world. Overharvesting has changed that, but the clams still do exist today. See what a clam-hungry Huell can dig up.

Watch this video of folks diving for clams off the coast in Pismo:

Friday -- May 11, 7:30 PM: Cape Mendocino Lighthouse

So why isn't the Cape Mendocino Lighthouse on Cape Mendocino? Huell solves this mystery and also gets an eyeful of the hyperradiant Fresnel lens -- the largest ever made for a U.S. lighthouse. I'm going to go out on a limb and say it's also the prettiest.

Watch a preview of this episode:

Sunday -- May 13, 7:30 PM: Confusion Hill

Some have theorized that whole expanses of land exist north of San Francisco but south of the Oregon border. To be honest, I haven't witnessed them myself but only heard legends. Ever the intrepid explorer, Huell ventures into this unknown territory and finds Leggett, a just-off-the-101 spot that boasts the gravity-defying Confusion Hill, which subsequent to Huell's visit was named a California State Point of Historical Interest.

It's not a preview, but watch this clip of people reacting to the optical illusions at Confusion Hill... and then remind yourself that Huell's take will be a lot better:



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