Where's Huell? From Kern County to the Transamerica Pyramid to a Brand-New Culinary Adventure Here in L.A.


What's a week without the continued adventures of KCET's Golden State-trotting hero, Huell Howser? It's like autumn without leaves, that's what. Find out where Huell's heading this week.

Monday @ 7:30PM -- "Miso"

Many of us have sat down to a Japanese meal and have been served a brothy soup known as miso. In this adventure, Huell visits Miyako Oriental Foods Inc. in Baldwin Park to find out how this this traditional Japanese staple is made.

Tuesday @ 7:30PM -- "Whistling Champ"

Huell visits with the whistling champ Carole Anne Kaufman at her salon, then stops in at her Mom's store, The Wizard of Bras It's a combo you won't want to miss.



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Wednesday @ 7:30PM -- "Tales From the Golden Empire"


In 1990, Huell produced his first-ever half-hour special, which takes us on a driving tour of Kern County. The trip includes gold mines, an exotic feline breeding compound, the town of Boron, and much more.

Thursday @ 7:30PM -- "Monarchs"

Have you ever wondered what 100,000 Monarch butterflies look like? Well, here's your chance. Huell travels to Pismo State Beach to visit the largest overwintering site for Monarch butterflies in the U.S. More people visit this site than any another butterfly site in the world.


Friday @ 7:30PM -- "Food Special"

In this brand-new episode of "California's Gold," Huell revisits a 1990 program about some of Los Angeles's unique eateries, some of which no longer exist.

Saturday, Nov. 17 @ 5PM -- "Headwaters Forest Reserve"

Join Huell as he gets a tour of this historic and controversial piece of land... all 7,500 acres of it! Located way up north by the town of Eureka, Huell sees some of the rusting remnants of Falk, an old logging town, and walks among 1,000-year-old growth Redwoods, and learns about the other flora and fauna that make this spot such a great piece of "California's Gold."

Saturday, Nov. 17 @ 5:30PM -- "Shasta Land Trust"

Huell tours the Fenwood Ranch in Shasta County, an inspiring conservation success story of the Shasta Land Trust.

Sunday, Nov. 18 @ 7PM -- "Tallest Building"

When Huell visited downtown L.A.'s First Interstate Building to tape this segment, it was the tallest structure west of the Mississippi. Today, it's not only no longer the tallest building in L.A., it's not even the First Interstate Building. It's the Aon Center. What's the tallest out city has to offer? Why, that's the U.S. Bank Tower, of course.


Sunday, Nov 18 @ 7:30PM -- "Pyramid"

Join Huell as he learns about and then tours the sometimes-controversial history of the Transamerica Pyramid, all the way up to the vertigo-inducing tip of the spire, which is set against the San Francisco skyline.


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