Where's Huell -- Hearst Castle and the Upside Down House


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Monday @ 7:30PM -- "Pear Fair"

Huell travels to the Sacramento Delta to learn about California pears. We start our adventure with a family who has been farming in the Delta for five generations. The soil and climate have made the area a perfect place to grow agriculture since the Gold Rush. Huell ends up at the 26th annual Pear Fair in Courtland, where he eats everything from pear ice cream to pear vinegar.

Tuesday @ 7:30PM -- "Wooden Boats"

They come in all shapes and sizes and many date back to the early part of this century. All have been lovingly restored by their owners and are meticulously maintained. In short, they're some of the most beautiful wooden boats ever made.

Host Huell Howser gets a close look at these boats as he attends the 24th annual Concours d' Elegance dedicated to the preservation and celebration of the wooden vessels that have graced Lake Tahoe since the 1920s. He not only talks with the owners about the rich history of their boats, but joins them for a ride on the historic lake.

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Wednesday @ 7:30PM -- "Hearst Castle Landscape"

Huell tours the gardens of the world-famous Hearst Castle.

Thursday @ 7:30PM -- "Places I've Wanted to Go"

Join Huell on an adventure to two places he's wanted to visit for years. First up is a stop along Highway 395 to see the Upside Down House in Lee Vining. Built by Nellie Bly O'Bryan and inspired by children's books, it's considered Mono County's first man-made tourist attraction. Huell gets a tour from some of the locals who restored it lovingly after years of decay.

Next is a visit to the Livermore Fire Department to see the 113-plus-year-old lightbulb. Learn how and why this bulb has been burning nonstop for over 100 years.

Friday @ 7:30PM -- "Press Photographers"

Huell meets the photographers behind some of the most memorable images of the 20th century as he attends the opening of the 75th Anniversary Historical Photo Exhibit onboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach.

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Saturday @ 5:00PM -- "Confusion Hill"

Join Huell at the old fashioned roadside attraction Confusion Hill that features a "gravity house" where water flows uphill, a mini train ride through the ancient forest, the largest freestanding redwood chainsaw carving in the world, and the Redwood Shoe house. But it's not just fun and games, this spot has some pioneering history as well.

Sunday @ 7:00PM -- "Koi Farm"

Huell visits a koi farm and is amazed to see everything that goes into raising these beautiful fish.

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Sunday @ 7:30PM -- "Big Fish"

Huell visits a man who raised a giant goldfish that is now three-feet long. Too big for his tank, the goldfish was moved to his new home in the lush koi ponds at the Lake Shrine of Pacific Palisades. The Lake Shrine is an amazing oasis. Originally the set for silent films in the 1920s, the property ended up in the hands of a construction superintendent for 20th Century Fox who built a double decker Mississippi houseboat and an authentic reproduction of a 16th century Dutch windmill. Today, the spot is an open air shrine to all religions.

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