Where's Huell? (Jan. 23 - Jan. 29)

This week, Huell witnesses an emotional reunion between bone marrow donor and transplant patient, he goes green in the Salton Sea and much more! Scroll down for a complete list of this week's Huell adventures!

Monday - Jan. 23, 7:30pm: Donor Reunion - Huell attends the 28th Annual Celebration of Life at City of Hope. From the first successful Bone Marrow Transplant performed in 1976, City of Hope has completed more than 6,300 Bone Marrow Transplants and affected countless lives. Today, City of Hope is the third largest provider of Bone Marrow Transplants in the world.

See a City of Hope transplant patient meet his donor for the first time:





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Tuesday - Jan. 24, 7:30pm: Land Sailing - Huell travels to the Mojave Desert's El Mirage Dry Lake, one of the world's best spots for land sailors. Land Sailing is a sport in which a wheeled vehicle powered by wind moves across land with the aide of a sail. Huell explores the history of this unique tradition and even gets the opportunity to ride a sofa through the desert!

Check out a video of people land sailing at 70+ mph:



Wednesday - Jan. 25, 7:30pm: Chavez Center - Huell travels to the Tehachapi Mountains to visit The Cesar Chavez Foundation. Set on 187 acres, the buildings where once home to a tuberculosis hospital and then it's where Cesar lived and labored during his last quarter century as he fought for better rights for migrant workers. Now the Center is a carrying on Cesar's dream and welcomes visitors to learn about this important chapter in our states history. Huell gets a very special and personal tour of the Center from Cesar's son Paul.

See Cesar Chavez speak about organizing, from The Fight In The Fields:




Thursday - Jan. 26, 7:30pm: Geothermal - Huell heads south to the small town of Heber to visit Ormat Technologies geothermal plant. From the earliest native peoples to the mud loving "spa' enthusiasts, this area has a rich history in harnessing the "heat" bubbling up from the ground. We'll get an education in how Ormat is harnessing this energy and using it to power our lives.

Watch this episode now:California's Green #135 - GEOTHERMAL from Huell Howser on Vimeo.


Friday - Jan. 27, 7:30pm: Refrigerators - Huell goes on a "green" adventure to find out how all those old refrigerators that get thrown away each day are recycled. We'll follow an old fridge from a home all the way through the entire process.

Watch this episode now:California's Green #136 - REFRIGERATORS from Huell Howser on Vimeo.

Sunday - Jan. 29, 7:00pm: FDR's Boat - Huell takes an inspirational voyage upon Franklin D. Roosevelt's Presidential Yacht, the U.S.S. Potomac. Now stationed at Jack London Square in Oakland, the ship is operated by a staff of volunteers and is now open for public tours.

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