Where's Huell? (Jan. 30 - Feb. 5)

This week, Huell visits an onion processing plant, the Los Angeles Regional Foodbank and much more! Scroll down for a complete list of this week's Huell adventures:

Monday - Jan. 30, 7:30pm: Gill's Onions - Huell visits the family run Gills Onions, which is not only the largest onion processing plant in California but its also the greenest. Each day they convert over 150 tons of onion peel and juice waste to power fuel cells on site that provide enough power to run the lights and refrigeration.
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Tuesday - Jan. 31, 7:30pm: Happy Wanderers - Spend a day with the cast and crew of the very popular 50s - 60s TV travel show the "Happy Wanderers" and meet Slim Barnard's wife, Henrietta.

Wednesday - Feb. 1, 7:30pm: Foodbank - Join Huell as he learns what a real foodbank is all about. He starts out with Pasadena resident, Tony Collier, who founded the Los Angeles Regional Foodbank in 1973 and ran it out of a two-car garage. The Foodbank is now in a 96,000 square foot facility that serves over 1 million meals a year to needy families, children and individuals free of charge. Huell learns that foodbanking is not all cans and dry goods. He spends the day following a head of cabbage from the fields to the families and learns about the "green" side of the Foodbank.
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Thursday - Feb. 2, 7:30pm: Leonis Adobe - Huell and a group of schoolchildren go back in time to the early 1800s, when the day's chores included blacksmithing, cow-roping, and winemaking. We look inside the ranch and home of San Fernando Valley businessman Miguel Leonis, a hidden treasure which was nearly demolished in the 1960s and has become the state's Historical Landmark Number One.
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Friday - Feb. 3, 7:30pm: Wind Power - Huell gets a private bus tour of a wind farm in Southern California's Coachella Valley. The "windmill tour" shows us the history, technology, and economic benefits of wind as a natural power source.
Watch this episode now:California's Green#132 Wind Power from Huell Howser on Vimeo.

Saturday - Feb. 4, 7:30pm: Bullocks Tea Room - Once again we re-visit the Bullocks Tea Room. The Southwestern University School of Law has lovingly restored the Tea Room to its original splendor. Huell meets up with some of the people who were in the original program on the closing of the Tea Room (#111) and reminisces about this glorious part of our cities history.

Sunday - Feb. 4, 7:30pm: County Usc Medical Center - Join Huell as he gets a tour of Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center which has been a familiar landmark for over a 100 years. The big white building has been used in many TV shows and films and has serviced countless patents over the years. In 2008 the old hospital finally closed its doors and all the remaining patients were moved to the new state of the facility across the street.
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