Where's Huell? (Jan. 9 - Jan. 15)

This week, Huell takes a ride on a zamboni, he takes a bite out of pastrami sandwiches and much more! Scroll down to see where else he's headed this week.

Monday - Jan. 9, 7:30pm: Zamboni - Huell learns about the machines that clean the ice at ice rinks and professional hockey events. The machine is called a Zamboni and was invented right here in California. Huell meets the son of the inventor and visits the factory where they were invented. Huell tops off the day with a trip to the Anaheim Pond, home of the Mighty Ducks to see the Zamboni in action at a professional hockey game.
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Tuesday - Jan. 10, 7:30pm: Pastrami - Huell stops in at Langer's Deli on Alvarado Street which has been slicing up pastrami sandwiches since 1947. Then he visits Johnnie's, a Culver City landmark since 1952 famous for their hot dogs, hamburgers, and of course, their pastrami!

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Wednesday - Jan. 11, 7:30pm: Panorama Update - Huell starts this update with clips from the original episode, then Huell heads to the new home of the Panorama and meets up with Sara to see what has changed and what you can expect if you choose to visit.
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Thursday - Jan. 12, 7:30pm: Chavez Center - Huell travels to the Tehachapi Mountains to visit The Cesar Chavez Foundation. Set on 187 acres, the buildings where once home to a tuberculosis hospital and then it's where Cesar lived and labored during his last quarter century as he fought for better rights for migrant workers. Now the Center is a carrying on Cesar's dream and welcomes visitors to learn about this important chapter in our states history. Huell gets a very special and personal tour of the Center from Cesar's son Paul.
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Friday - Jan. 13, 7:30pm: Serbian New Year - Huell attends a Serbian New Year celebration at St. Sava Orthodox Church in San Gabriel.
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Sunday - Jan. 15, 7:30pm: Jack London - Explore Beauty Ranch, once the home of one of California's famous authors, Jack London. Now the estate is part of the Jack London State Historical Park in the Valley of the Moon in Sonoma. It is at this home that London wrote many of his most famous books, including Call of the Wild, White Fang and The Sea Wolf.
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