Where's Huell? (June 20-26)

This week: The beautiful Idyllwild mountains, a county fair in a gold rush town, the largest White Sea Bass ever and more!

Monday- June 20, 7:30pm: Newport Boats- Orange County is filled with maritime history and in this adventure; Huell visits Newport Beach to learn about two "boats" that are very historic. Family owned since 1919, Balboa Island Ferry has provided continuous service between Balboa Island and Balboa Peninsula. Crossings just 0.25 miles, this Newport tradition is not only a wonderful tourist attraction, but also a service the locals cherish.
If you have an opportunity to spend the day on Balboa Island you can visit the quaint town's shopping area, get on the ferris wheel, or our personal favorite, get a frozen banana! Balboa island claims to be home this this genius frozen creation. If you don't have a chance to visit, here's a how-to, so that you can enjoy this frozen treat at home.

Next it's off for an evening cruise aboard the John Wayne's famous yacht the Wild Goose. Beginning her life as a minesweeper in World War II, Wayne bought her in 1965 and had her converted into a luxuriously appointed yacht which served as a backdrop for celebrity events, family vacations, and infamous poker sessions with such luminaries as Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., and Bob Hope. The last captain of the ship shares some wonderful stories about this historic vessel.

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Tuesday- June 21, 7:30pm: Lemon Lily Festival- The Idyllwild Lemon Lily Festival highlights the uniqueness and rarity of one of Idyllwild's most precious native flowers. This beautiful lily that grows only above 4000 feet is a true gem. Join Huell and the good people of Idyllwild as they spend the day celebrating the Lemon Lily, there's even a Lemon Lily song!
In addition to beautiful natural scenery, Idyllwild is also home to numerous photographers, artists, rock climbers and those that want to be just a little bit closer to nature. Here are a few folks testing their luck as they walk across a rope (slackline) tied from boulder to boulder in the Idyllwild mountains. What adventures will you find in Idyllwild?

Wednesday- June 22, 7:30pm: Trinity County Fair- Huell travels WAY up to the northern part of our state to visit a true "country" fair. The Trinity County Fair and the Hayfork Mule Show take place side by side in the small town of Hayfork. There's lots to see and do, including the wonderful Quilt Show and the Homestead Exhibit, where living history volunteers demonstrate how things were done during the Gold Rush. Huell even eats some fried green tomatoes and stops by the saloon for an old-fashioned root beer float and of course, we get to see some amazing mules and donkeys compete in some surprising events. www.trinitycountyfair.org

What else can you find in Trinity County? How about stilt walkers and fire throwers! Trinity is also home to the three day Tribal Stomp which includes camping, live music and lot's of fun for the whole family. Here's a video to give you a little taste of what goes on in the majestic mountains of northern California.

Thursday- June 23, 7:30pm: White Sea Bass- Huell meets up with Bill Ernst to see what he caught... the largest White Sea Bass ever! Then Huell heads down to the Hubbs-Seaworld Research Institute to learn more about these fish and even helps release a bunch of fry.

For a quick look at what other amazing projects the Hubbs- Seaworld Research Institute is working on take a look at this video!

Friday- June 24, 7:30pm: Rain Bird- Huell explores the history of Rain Bird, a sprinkler manufacturer with a remarkable history beginning with a Glendora citrus farmer named Orton Englehart who invented the first impact sprinklers in the 1930s. Rain Bird also demonstrates their latest in sprinkler technology.

Check out how this 1930's company made a debut in this 1980's hit song...Rain Bird.

Saturday- June 25, 7:30pm: Encinitas- Huell travels to the beautiful coastal community of Encinitas in San Diego County. Encinitas is known for its quaint communities and of course, it's gorgeous beaches.

Need some inspiration? Here are some Californians hittin' the waves.

Sunday- June 26, 7:00pm: Solvang- It's a little bit of Denmark right here in California! Join Huell Howser as he travels to Solvang on a Road Trip. This adventure includes tasting some homemade aebleskivers and kringles, visiting the world-famous red shoe, touring the ElverhÃ?j Museum and stopping by the authentic Bethania Lutheran Church.
If you're wondering what aebelskivers are or how to make them, here is a great demonstration of aebelskivers with a southwestern twist!

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