Where's Huell? (June 27-July 2)

This week: California's Classic Burger, A home made of recycled goods and Camel Milk, a new way to get your calcium!

Monday- June 27, 7:30pm: Golden Gate Replicas- Huell visits two replicas of the Golden gate Bridge: the walkway to the Point Bonita Lighthouse, and the Guy West Footbridge at Cal State University Sacramento. Here's a fascinating video on what an amazing endeavor the construction of this California landmark was and the beautiful sites that can still be seen today!




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Tuesday- June 28, 7:30pm: Camel Dairy- Huell visits the Oasis Camel Dairy east of San Diego where he gets to milk a camel and learn about camel dairy products. Camel milk products are nothing new around the world, for instance, it's always been a staple in Kenya, there's camel milk chocolate in Dubai, and camel milk cheese in Mongolia...let's take a look.

Wednesday- June 29, 7:30pm: Monterey County Fair- Huell visits the Monterey County Fair and learns why this area is known as the "Salad bowl of the world," but this fair is not all about agriculture. There is plenty of good food, rides and even some wool spinners to entertain you. This county fair has it all! Every year the fair attracts musicians that inspire nostalgia or just a good ol' urge to get up and boogie. This year the fair welcomes one of California's most classic bands...WAR!

Thursday- June 30, 7:30pm: Nitt Witt Ridge- Huell Howser travels to the Central Coast in search of Nitt Witt Ridge, an unusual state historical landmark in Cambria Pines. Built from cement and found objects like bottle caps, toilet seats and abalone shells, this folk art home was lovingly built by self-taught artist Art Beal over a period of fifty years. As we see in this episode, creativity and a little elbow grease can really go a long way. Here are some other examples of amazing art that can be made with recycled goods.

Friday- July 1, 7:30pm: Blue Angels- They're one of the most famous air squadrons in the world -- serving as positive role models and goodwill ambassadors not only for our Navy, but for our country. We're talking about the Blue Angels who, since first formed in 1946, have been demonstrating their flying skills and maneuvers to literally millions of spectators each year. On this particular adventure host Huell Howser accepts an invitation to spenda couple of days with the Blue Angels and ends up not only watching them train,but actually gets to go up with them in an F/A18 Hornet for the ride of alifetime. All in all, it's a fast-paced, high-powered, high altitude adventure insearch of "California's Gold."

Flying with the Blue Angels was not only one of Huell's dreams but also on the top list of the 1980's hard rock band, Van Halen. Here's their personal tribute to the Blue Angels.

Sunday- July 2, 7pm: In-N-Out Burger- Huell takes us on an hour-long California's Gold Special which looks at the history of In-N-Out Burger. This is the first time television cameras have ever been allowed to shoot inside a store. And this special also includes an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of the In-N-Out Heaquarters in Baldwin Park where it all started back in 1948.

In-N-Out has been described in many ways: yummy, a reward, unforgettable, and of course as the BEST burger. Have you ever found yourself stuck at LAX with a longer than planned wait or have a friend coming in with a LONG lay over? Well here is a quirky yet genius idea for satisfying your hunger with the Southern California classic without missing your flight out. How will you ask for yours? Animal style? Grilled onions?

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