Where's Huell? Lint Art, the Devil's Postpile and Birthplace of the Squeegee


What's a week without the continued adventures of KCET's Golden State-trotting hero, Huell Howser? It's like autumn without leaves, that's what. This week, Huell makes stops all over California -- from the Devil's Postpile to the oldest eatery in Hollywood to his own distant past.

Monday @ 7:30 PM -- "Videolog Classics #1"

Nothing beats some classic Huell, and you can't get more classic than the first-ever collection of the shorts that eventually led Huell to host his own show. With segment titles such as "String Lady," "The Elephant Man," "The Yogurt Man," and "Del Rubio Triplets," you can be sure that you're in for something quirky.

(By the way, did you know you can get this clip and more full-length Huell segments online now at KCET.org's video page?

There's no Tuesday episode of "California's Gold" this week, on account of a special event that you may or may not have heard about.

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Wednesday @ 7:30 PM -- "Videolog Classics #2"

And another one! These segments include "Lint Art, "Talking Dog," Couch Yard" and "Ant Farm."

Thursday @ 7:30 PM -- "Evans Community School"

Huell visits the Evans Community Adult School and meets students eager to learn.

Meet the staff of the school:



Friday @ 7:30PM -- "Musso and Frank"

Did you know that the Musso & Frank Grill is the oldest eatery in Hollywood? Opened in 1919, this spot has hosted all manner of Hollywood notables -- writers William Faulkner and Ernest Hemingway among them. In this clip, Huell talks to staff and regulars alike about what makes it such a special place.


Saturday @ 5 PM -- "Classic Arts Showcase"

In the world of California-based public TV with dedicated followings, this is kind of like that time the Flintstones met the Jetsons. In this episode of "California's Gold," Huell explores the headquarters of "Classic Arts Showcase," a cult favorite, L.A.-produced, internationally syndicated show that has for years been treating people to a potpourri of arts performance. ("Classic Arts Showcase," by the way, airs every night from 1 to 5AM on KCET.)


Saturday @ 5:30 PM -- "Devil's Postpile"

Surreal, awesome, unbelievable, weird? These are just some of the words that come out of your mouth when you view the Devil's Postpile. Located in the Eastern Sierras, this formation is one of nature's true masterpieces. Towering 60 feet over the San Joaquin River the postpile looks like a huge cathedral pipe organ built entirely of stone.







Sunday at 7:30 -- "Squeegee"

Did you know the squeegee was born in Oakland? Did you know that it was invented back in 1936? And did you know that it was originally invented as a form of protection for women walking the streets alone at night? One of these statements isn't true. Tune in to find out which!

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