Where's Huell (May 15-20)

This week: A tribute to one of the hardest working animals, all that Forest Lawn has to offer, the importance of the San Joaquin marsh, and more!

Monday - May 16, 7:30pm: Mule Days - They've been a part of the California landscape for hundreds of years, helping to build our canals and highways and railroads, hauling our freight, our silver bullion, and, of course, playing a major role during the gold rush era. Below is a tribute to the animal that will "keep going 'til they drop" and an idea of all the important jobs they helped carry out.

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Tuesday - May 17, 7:30pm: Forest Lawn - Join Huell as he visits one of L.A.'s best kept secrets - the Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale. Here's a slice of Forest Lawn's history and its connection to Hollywood.

Wednesday - May 18, 7:30pm: El Dorado County Fair - Huell travels to Placerville to attend the El Dorado County Fair where the highlight of the fair is the John Studebaker Wheelbarrow Race. A test of strength and agility! Contestants drag wheelbarrows through a chaotic obstacle course filled with water and mud. Here's an idea of some of the other fun that you and your family can have at the El Dorado County Fair!

Thursday - May 19, 7:30pm: Quilt Show - Today we travel to Glendale to see a quilt show and the amazing folks responsible for such works of art. Did you know that quilts are used to document history and tell stories all over the world? Here is the connection between quilts and the cook islands.

Friday - May 20, 7:30pm: Cleaning Water the Natural Way - Huell visits the restored 150-acre San Joaquin Marsh near Irvine. He explores how wetlands serve as nature's own water filtration systems. Below we take a look at some of the exquisite wildlife and natural beauty this area of Southern California has to offer.

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