Where's Huell? (May 2- 6)

This week: A historical photo exhibit, the world of quilting, frog "wranglers" and more!

Monday - May 2, 7:30pm: Press Photographers - Join Huell as he attends the opening of the 75th Anniversary Historical Photo Exhibit onboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach.

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Tuesday - May 3, 7:30pm: Quilt Show - Huell visits a very special group that is documenting history with a needle and thread. The tradition of quilting is an expression of California life through beautiful and intricate pieces of art.

Wednesday - May 4, 7:30pm: Calaveras County Fair - Jumping Frog Jubilee! This area is referred to as "Frogtown" due to a tale written by Mark Twain. Follow Huell as he meets frog "wranglers", learns about the towns history, and tells you all the reasons you should make your way to the Calaveras County Fair!

Thursday - May 5, 7:30pm: Gauldin Dolphins - When Huell discovers that the students he spoke with at Gauldin Elementary School had never actually seen a dolphin--their school mascot--he decided to do something about it. Join Huell as he introduces students to the smartest ocean animal.

Friday - May 6, 7:30pm: Mulholland Fountain - Huell meets the Mulholland family and hears some wonderful stories about the man who changed the face of L.A.

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