Where's Huell (May 30-June 3)

This Week: World War II's connection to Long Beach, CA, the greenest fair in California, and lots and lots of donuts!

Monday - May 30, 7:30pm: World War II- Huell goes back in time to learn two fascinating, yet obscure, California footnotes to World War II: a German-made crane which is the largest self-propelled floating crane berthed at Long Beach Naval Shipyard, and an incident involving a Japanese submarine that shelled the oil fields of Ellwood in Santa Barbara County in 1942. Here's a video on how these amazing steel beasts of the ocean work.


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Tuesday - May 31, 7:30pm: Marin County Fair- Huell heads to the "greenest" fair in California. The Marin County Fair has made a huge effort to make a very small footprint on the environment. The carousel and the main stage are both powered by solar. Another stage is powered by a 99% vegetable oil biodiesel generator and the lighting at the entrance to the fair is powered by a wind turbine. There is even an all-electric, solar-powered trackless train to take guests on excursion rides. With all this talk about solar power, we should know how it works. For a two minute crash course, check out this video.

Wednesday June 1, Thursday June 2, AND Friday June 3, at 7:30pm: Donuts, Donuts, Donuts!- Join Huell on his Donut adventures as he meets the Donut man, talks to us about the history of donuts and the different varieties found around the world, that are of course, available here in California. If you can't wait to watch these episodes and have a hankering for some homemade donuts here's a step by step on how!


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