Where's Huell (May 9-13)

This week: Bugs Galore, the fastest horse at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, three million year old trees and more!

Monday - May 9, 7:30pm: Bug Fair - The annual Bug Fair at the Natural History Museum in Downtown Los Angeles is crawling with lots of fun stops for the whole family! Have you ever seen any of these creepy crawlies?

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Tuesday - May 10, 7:30pm: Baseball Sod - Sod: grass and soil held together by the roots. Baseball: "The glue that held a nation together." Join Huell as he meets the good folks at West Coast Turf and learns all about the grass they install at venues all over California. Here's a little bonus snippet of a truly historical moment in baseball.

Wednesday - May 11, 7:30pm: San Diego County Fair- Where can you find fresh fruit, the best baked pie and a world class racetrack, all under a perfect sunny sky? Join Huell at the San Diego County Fair to find out about its beginnings, it's connection to Hollywood and its continued popularity.
Keep your eyes peeled at the fair, here's what can happen when you have access to too many pies!

Thursday - May 12, 7:30pm: Old Wood- Huell takes us on a time travel whirl as he introduces us to some of the oldest giants on Earth and a bridge that dates back to 1863. Here's some good ol' fashion wood working techniques to give you an idea of the skill involved.

Friday - May 13, 7:30pm: Fire Trucks- If you've ever wondered where old fire trucks go when they retire, Huell has some answers for you. Join him tonight to see a very special collection of firefighting equipment and history. Here's a peek at how the equipment and trucks evolved over time.

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