Where's Huell? Moon Trees, Glaciers, and Knock-Off Golden Gate Bridges


What's a week without the continued adventures of KCET's Golden State-trotting hero, Huell Howser? It's like a summer without sunshine, that's what. This week, follow along with Huell on some of as he treks from Monterey to Mt. Wilson to the land of Moon Trees. No, really.

Monday @ 7:30 PM -- "Monterey Country Fair"

The Central Coast city Salinas is known as the Salad Bowl of the World, hence the call letters of the Salinas-based TV station KSBW. So perhaps it's no surprise that Huell gets an eyeful of the generous display of produce available at its county fair. What may be surprising, however? Wool spinning.


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Tuesday @ 7:30 PM -- "Moon Trees"

Did you know that 500 seeds accompanied astronaut Stuart Roosa during his 1971 orbit around the moon? They did, and after their return to earth, they were distributed for planting. In this episode, Huell hunts down the trees that were planted in California. If you're interested, you can check out Wikipedia's list of Moon Tree locations here.

Wednesday @ 7:30 PM -- "Glacier"

Did you know that California has glaciers? We do! For now! In this episode, Huell treks out to the Conness Glacier in Mono County. Let's hope this episode doesn't one day end up being a record of something we don't have anymore.

Check out some photos of the Conness Glacier:

Thursday @ 7:30 PM -- "Eugene O'Neill House"

While many know the work of Eugene O'Neill -- or at least recognize the title "The Iceman Cometh," even if they think it's about someone who lives in the North Pole -- many don't know that the playwright settled just outside Danville, California. Today, the house and the grounds it stands on are a National Park.

Friday @ 7:30 PM -- "Jacaranda"

It's an almost-brand new episode of "California's Gold." And it's quintessentially Californian, of course. Ever seen those beautiful trees that grow purple flowers in the springtime? They're jacaranda trees, and while they're not native to California, you can find scads of them throughout California. In tonight's episode, Huell finds out how these beautiful trees came to call our state home.

Not sure which ones are Jacarandas? Check out Flickr's most interesting pictures of this tree.

Saturday @ 5:30 -- "Golden Gate Replicas"

When is the Golden Gate Bridge not the Golden Gate Bridge? When it's one of two miniature models of it. Huell hits both the one at San Francisco's Point Bonita Lighthouse, which just reopened this spring, and the Guy West Footbridge at CSU Sacramento.


Sunday, June 9 @ 5:00 PM -- "Mt. Wilson"

Logically, you wouldn't think that high-powered telescopes and marine layer-powered smog blankets go together, but you'd be forgetting about L.A.'s prominence in the recent history of astronomy. Let Huell remind you with this visit to the top of Mt. Wilson near Pasadena. And okay -- maybe Mt. Wilson isn't a park, but you can't say that Mt. Wilson doesn't offer sweeping views of the California landscape that could rival those of most parks.

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