Where's Huell (Oct. 10 - Oct. 17)

This week, Huell gets surrounded by butterflies, he attends a Basset Hound competition and more! Scroll down for a complete look at Huell's travels for the week.

Monday - Oct. 10, 7:30pm: Monarchs - Have you ever wondered what 100,000 Monarch Butterflies look like? Well here's your chance. Huell travels to Pismo State Beach to visit the largest overwintering site for Monarch butterflies in the U.S. More people visit this site than any another butterfly site in the world. Last year they had 50,000 visitors! Every year hundreds of thousands of Monarchs fly as much as two thousand miles to reach safe overwintering sites along California's central coast. They can fly up to one hundred miles a day at an altitude of up to ten thousand feet. What's amazing is that none of the butterflies that make this amazing journey have ever been here before. The butterflies have nothing but instinct to guide them. Huell gets a special tour of this wonderful site from a Park Ranger, docents and a class from Cal Poly who studies the Monarchs. It's a feast for the eyes.

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Tuesday - Oct. 11, 7:30pm: Basset Hound Picnic - Huell goes to the 1997 Basset Hound Picnic, sponsored by the Basset Hound Club of So. Cal. Watch as the hounds are judged on longest ears, best howl and saddest face.

Wednesday - Oct. 12, 7:30pm: Musicians Institute - Huell gets a behind the scenes tour of this very special school which is nestled in the heart of Hollywood. The Guitar Institute of Technology opened its doors to full-time students in February of 1977, laying the foundation for the Musicians Institute. This world-class college has state of the art facilities and offers everything you need to succeed in the music industry.

Thursday - Oct. 13, 7:30pm: Persimmons - Huell spends the day in Granite Bay California at Otow Orchard to learn the ancient art of Hoshigaki, which is the drying of persimmons.The persimmons are dried each fall in a slow, patient, hands-on process that usually takes three to six weeks...per persimmon. Each persimmon is hand-peeled, strung onto a rack, and massaged every 3 to 5 days for several weeks. Weather conditions are watched carefully. The result is a transformation into a sugary delicacy that is tender and moist.
Watch this video showing the persimmon harvest at Otow Orchard!

Friday - Oct. 14, 7:30pm: Wave Power - Huell looks at how the ocean could prove to be a very promising resource in the future of energy production and along the way he learns about the long history that this green technology has in the Golden State. Take a sneak peek at this episode!

Saturday - Oct. 15, 7:00pm: Mono Lake Today - Join Huell Howser as he revisits Mono Lake, and sees how it has changed in the 15 years since he was first there.We'll learn all about the tufa towers, the many migratory birds, as well as the efforts of the dedicated people who have worked so hard to restore and keep Mono Lake the amazing place that it is! Take a sneak peek at this episode!

Sunday - Oct. 16, 7:00pm: Seabiscuit - Huell travels to Willits in Mendocino County to learn about the famous racehorse's California legacy. The trip includes a tour of his home at the Ridgewood Ranch and a special Seabiscuit exhibit at the Mendocino County Museum. Take a sneak peek at this episode!

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