Where's Huell? (Oct. 17 - Oct. 23)

This week, Huell goes searching for big things in the desert, giant rocks and more! Scroll down for a complete look at Huell's travels for the week.

Monday - Oct. 17, 7:30pm: Modjeska House - Huell visits the historic home and gardens of Helena Modjeska, still considered Poland's most famous Shakespearean actress, and a star of the 19th-century American stage. Named Arden by Modjeska and her husband, the two settled in Santiago Canyon in Orange County in 1888. The estate they built, surrounded by oaks and running brooks, has been faithfully preserved. The Helena Modjeska Historic House and Gardens is one of only two National Historic Landmarks in Orange County and is open to the public for tours.

Helena Modjeska House.

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Tuesday - Oct. 18, 7:30pm: Big Things in the Desert - We all know our deserts here in California are big. They cover huge areas of our state. And in this episode of "California's Gold," producer/host Huell Howser travels to the desert in search of big things -- and finds them! First, he travels to the Palms Springs area to visit one of six major wind farms in the world. Over 4,000 giant windmills are here -- some almost two hundred feet tall -- making clean, pollution-free energy representing the future of energy production. Next, Huell travels to the little town of Boron to see a big hole and a big truck. The big hole is the open pit mine where about 50 percent of the world's borax comes from. To get the borax out of that huge open pit, there are trucks so big you won't believe them even when you're seeing them! They're two stories high, wide as a two-car garage, longer than a city bus and weigh as much as one hundred and eleven mid-size cars. Finally, Huell travels to the remote Goldstone area of the Mojave desert to visit the largest and most sensitive scientific telecommunications systems in the world - The Deep Space Network.

Wednesday - Oct. 19, 7:30pm: Giant Rock - First stop is Giant Rock --considered to be the worlds largest free standing boulder, and a long time sacred site to the Native Americans. In the 1950s it became a UFO airport according to George Van Tassel who was contacted by aliens there, and was host to UFO conventions till the late '70s. One of the things George was told to do by the aliens was to build the Integratron, which is our next stop. This amazing building/machine is supposed to restore youth, although never completed--Huell will get a "sound bath." Hold onto your seats, this will be a wild ride.
Take a look at one person's trip to the Giant Rock!

Thursday - Oct. 20, 7:30pm: La Grange - Huell travels to the small town of La Grange to see an amazing part of our states history. The Tuolumne Gold Dredge sits abandoned right of the highway and is an incredible site. Huell and some local historians visit the dredge and the now virtual ghost town that was once home to the many workers that kept this behemoth running around the clock in search of gold.

Friday - Oct. 21, 7:30pm: Sturgeon's Mill - Huell visits a lumbermill... or is it a working museum? Join Huell, the founders great-grandson and a cast of characters at this historic place.

Sunday - Oct. 23, 7:30pm: Ukiah - Join Huell in Mendocino County where he visits Vichy Springs, the Grace Hudson Museum and the City of 10,000 Buddahs.
Watch the Shaolin Monks of Ukiah perform:

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