Where's Huell (Sept. 19-25)

This week, Huell discovers little-known Los Angeles landmarks, Animal Acres in Acton and more! Scroll down for a complete look at Huell's travels for the week!

Monday - Sept. 19, 7:30pm: Mining Museum - Huell drops by the California State Mining and Mineral Museum in Mariposa to see our state's official collection of more than 13,000 minerals, rocks, gems, historic artifacts and fossils.
Check it out! You can watch the episode online on the California State Mining and Mineral Museum's official website:




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Tuesday - Sept. 20, 7:30pm: Unique Landmarks - Join Huell as he uncovers two remarkable, little-known Los Angeles treasures. First, we stop at the site of the first Koyasan Temple for a ceremony designating the Aoyama Tree as a Los Angeles Landmark.Then, Huell stops in at beautiful Franklin Canyon park, only to find that it's the "Center of Los Angeles" itself.


Wednesday - Sept. 21, 7:30pm: Soundwalk - Huell travels to Long Beach and takes a tour of SoundWalk, an annual art show of indoor and outdoor sound-art installations. Check out this promotional video for SoundWalk for a peek at what it's all about:




Thursday - Sept. 22, 7:30pm: Big Nugget - Huell attends the Long Beach Coin, Stamp & Collectibles Expo where a recently-discovered 100-ounce gold nugget is on public display. The "Washington Nugget" is the largest verifiable California gold nugget in existence. We also meet with the colorful dealers and collectors who make this expo so unique.




Friday - Sept. 23, 7:30pm: Animal Acres - A visit with actress Shelley Morrison (Rosario, Karen's maid on "Will & Grace") to Animal Acres, a facility caring for neglected and abused farm animals in Acton, Calif.




Sunday - Sept. 25, 7:00pm: Philippe's Update - In this special one-hour episode, Huell re-visits one of the oldest and most colorful restaurants in Los Angeles and the home of the French dipped sandwich. Family-owned Philippe's is a true L.A. institution and one of Huell's favorites!


Take a peek inside Phillipe's:






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