Where's Huell (Sept. 26 - Oct. 2)

This week, Huell checks out a gigantic fair, the world's crookedest street and more! Scroll down for a complete look at Huell's travels for the week.

Monday - Sept. 26, 7:30pm: Big Fresno Fair - Huell visits the Big Fresno Fair and it really is a "big" fair, with over 165 acres of and 127 years in the making. Huell learns that the fairgrounds were once used as a Japanese internment camp and meets the great grand daughter of Pop Laval who shot hundreds of photos of the early fairs.





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Tuesday - Sept. 27, 7:30pm: Crookedest Street - Huell goes in search of the crookedest street in the world. A small section of Vermont Street in the Potrero Hill section of San Francisco is just miles away from the more famous Lombard Street. Which street is crookeder? Huell grabs a gang of experts and finally solves this mystery.



Wednesday - Sept. 28, 7:30pm: Red Rock Canyon - Located just of highway 14, Red Rock Canyon State Park features scenic desert cliffs, buttes and spectacular rock formations. The park is not only rich in natural beauty, but has a deep human history as well. From the native Kawaiisu Indians, who left petroglyphs, to the 1870s 20-mule team freight wagons that stopped for water. There are also the remains of 1890s-era mining operations, and the area has been the site for a number of movies.
Take a look at this videographer's tour through beautiful Red Rock:



Thursday - Sept. 29, 7:30pm: Hmong - There are roughly 250,000 Hmong people living in the United States. The Hmong are an Asian ethnic group from the mountainous regions of Southeast Asia. Many ended up in the fertile areas in and around Fresno County, where their love of farming and vast knowledge has served them well. Huell visits two farms that are growing some of the most interesting and unusual produce in California. From a small family farm to the largest Hmong farm in the county, it's a wonderful day.
Watch this video for a brief background on Hmong farmers:


Friday - Sept. 30, 7:30pm: Press Photographers - Huell meets the photographers behind some of the most memorable and historical images of the 20th Century as he attends the opening of the 75th Anniversary Historical Photo Exhibit onboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach.


Saturday - Oct. 1, 7:00pm: Anaheim - When you mention Anaheim to most folks, Disneyland and Knott's Berry Farm come to mind, but this city has a rich history and some genuine surprises. Huell spends the day with the President of the Anaheim Historical Society and visits everything from a family owned bowling alley celebrating it's 50th anniversary to a statue built in 1935, that is the oldest piece of public artwork in Orange County. We'll also visit the home of the man who started Carl's Jr. and a very historic cactus garden in Pearson Park.


Sunday - Oct. 2, 7:00pm: Southeast Corner - Huell continues his journey to the far reaches of California as he locates the exact Southeast corner of our state and visits nearby attractions.

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