Where's Huell? Tiki Culture, Frozen Drinks and a Brand New 'California's Gold' Adventure


What's a week without the continued adventures of KCET's Golden State-trotting hero, Huell Howser? It's like a summer without sunshine, that's what. Find out where Huell is headed this week.

Monday @ 7:30 p.m. -- "Watts Towers"

In this brand-new episode of "California's Gold," Huell makes a stop at Watts Towers, a whimsical art monument with a fascinating history. Did you know that the official name of the sculptures, per creator Simon Rodia, was "Nuestro Pueblo" -- "our city"?

Tuesday @ 7:30 p.m. --"Tallyrand"

Have you ever been to Burbank's Tallyrand restaurant? In this episode, Huell explores the history of the restaurant, which was founded in 1959 when Al and Delores Thomas opened up a small coffee shop on Burbank's Olive Avenue. They've been serving food ever since.



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Wednesday @ 7:30 p.m. -- "Summer Ice"


Feeling the heat? Make like Huell and go sample the best cold treats that L.A. has to offer. (Warning: People may not be as excited to see you as they were to see Huell.)


Thursday @ 7:30 p.m. -- "Circus Trees"

If I were to mention Gilroy, California, what's the first plant you'd think of. Oh? Garlic? Well, okay, that's right. But ignoring the famous garlic festival for a moment, there are also the whimsically woven trees of Gilroy's Bonfante Gardens. Also worth mentioning? They won't make your breath smell bad.


Friday @ 7:30 p.m. -- "Tiki"

Got a thing for tiki culture? So does a shop in Whittier where you can buy Polynesian décor by the bucketful. In this episode, Huell explores not only the South Pacific offerings but also the people who love it.


Saturday @ 5 p.m. -- "B2 Bomber Update"

Maybe you missed the premiere of this episode last Sunday. No worries -- it's still new to you if you tune in a week late. In this one-hour special, Huell becomes the first media representative ever allowed into the cockpit of a B2.

Sunday @ 7 p.m. -- "Ridge Route"

Long before the 101 and the 5 linked Northern and Southern California, there was the Ridge Route, which snaked up the San Gabriel Mountains from Los Angeles to Bakersfield. Today, a 30-mile stretch of this roadway is still accessible between Castiac and Gorman, and Huell makes the trek.

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