Why Tonight's a Big Night for KCET Primetime

Yes, KCET is always proud to beam its evening entertainments into your living room, but tonight, May 2, we're offering an especially exciting package of shows.

8:00 P.M. -- Your Turn to Care, "Time to 'Ask' for Help from the Professionals"

This third installment of KCET's original series on eldercare focuses on Americans who find themselves tasked with providing these services for their parents but who aren't always up to the job alone. Follow three families as they navigate they balance love, obligation and finances in an effort to do what's best for everyone. All this plus a look at the housing meltdown by "SoCal Connected" at 8:30 P.M.

9:00 P.M. -- Life of Mammals, "A Winning Design"

If you were born with a pouch, what would you put in it and why? This is a question that David Attenborough doesn't ask during his narration of "World of Mammals," a new nature series premiering on KCET tonight, but you're welcome to consider it anyway. Couldn't every show that KCET airs potentially be titled "World of Mammals," if you really wanted to be technical about it? Yes. Yes it could. However, not every KCET show will take so close a look at those pouched evolutionary weirdos, the marsupials. And it's not just the kangaroos of Australia, either. Our favorite of tonight's profiles species is the yapok, a possum-like Central and South American native that spends most of its time swimming.

10:00 P.M. -- "Mi-5," Season 9 Premiere


It's a new season of your favorite show about across-the-pond government spooks, and Season 9 delivers new characters, new intrigue and the same high levels of Britishness. What's in store for tonight? Spoiler warning! Everything you could ask for in a jam-packed season opener: a funeral, a marriage proposal, a murder, a resignation and a sexy new member for the Mi-5 team.

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