Viewer Message: V-me Digital Channel Turnover

Why can’t I receive V-me on 28.3 anymore?  Why did you get rid of it?

As of Mar. 30, 2017 V-ME is transitioning to a commercial ad-supported channel and will no longer be available on 28.3. We are a public media organization and therefore, we do not distribute any programming that includes commercial advertising. KCET is in the process of determining what might replace V-ME, and in the meantime will offer a robust line-up of original and acquired programs from both of its services, KCET and Link TV.

What other digital channels do you run?

KCET also operates digital channels 28.1, 28.2 and 28.4.

  • On 28.2 and 28.3, you will find an array of high-quality programs from KCET and Link TV. 
  • On 28.4 we distribute NHK WORLD TV, which provides 24-hour English language programming from Japan—news, lifestyle and cultural programs--produced by NHK, Japan’s sole public, independent broadcaster.
  • KCET’s HD over-the-air channel is 28, but please check our channel locator to better determine on which channel KCET is available in your area. You can find our channel locator at the bottom of any of our web pages at www.kcet.org.

How can I continue to get V-ME programming?

Please visit http://www.vmetv.com/.

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