A Recollection of Stories from My Mom


By Ivan Wu

My dad works until 2 am so he's usually too tired when he's at home to want to do an interview. My mom is a seamstress and she works for about 12 hours, when she gets home she even cooks dinner, but she's always tired so I don't want to bother her with a trivial interview.

I will be telling you about my mom, from recollection of stories she has told me in the past. My mom immigrated from a small farming village by plane. She immigrated because most of her family was already in America. She thought it'd be a better life here in America. Life was hard in China, being the oldest sibling and such, she had to give up a lot. When her family immigrated, they didn't have enough money to send all of them there. My mother was left behind in China, while her parents, two younger sisters, and a younger brother went off the America. She always had to do more work on the farm and was expected to be more responsible because she was older. When she got older, she saved up the money and came to America.

As an early immigrant life was very hard. She moved in with her family that was already here and worked as a seamstress. She went to an adult school for a short while and tried to learn some English, but was never able to fully learn because she was always working to help out the family. Her younger siblings, however, learned English and other things much easier because they were younger.

Life in America now for her is fairly decent. She's happy that she raised her family pretty well. She does not regret immigrating to America. Even though life is hard now, she hopes for a better tomorrow. She hopes that her children will grow up to be successful and be able to support her well into old age.

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