"Amidst Chaos, Pride and Joy"

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"Amidst Chaos, Pride and Joy"
Written by Lucie Hodgson & Mila Cuda. Performed by Lucie Hodgson.

How does this issue affect you or your community?

Lucie Hodgson: After the election of President Trump, the LGBT community, like many people in America, began to feel their progress rolling backwards over history, rights were being threatened that had recently been won and people began to feel less safe. As I mention in the poem, my upbringing and my community have been amazing in terms of how accepted I feel living my life truly as who I am, so for me the affect that issues to do with pride month have on me is more indirect, for example seeing stories in the media about people who are part of my community just by virtue of being part of the LGBT community. These issues, such as the ones to do with trans people not feeling safe using the restroom in public, are issues that affect all Americans because, without rights for everyone, our country is not free.

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