Brian Z's Favorite Neighborhood Spots

Venice High School is a school in Los Angeles. This high school was founded in 1911. This school used to be called Venice Union Polytechnic High School, where classes were being held in an old lagoon bathhouse. The school has all sorts of programs such as the NMA (New Media Academy, Magnet, and the BBFA (Bilingual Business and Finance Academy). I am a junior at Venice High School in the New Media Academy. I really did not like the NMA in my freshman year because we didn't get to use as much technology as we do in the 11th grade. I feel that nothing should change. Everything is alright for now. My favorite memory at Venice High is when my friends and I go out to the basketball courts and play; we have a lot of fun. If Venice High was no longer here, I would have been at another school, and I never would have met all of my friends at Venice.

Discoteca Licoreria La Mexicana is an awesome music store in Culver City. This store was in established in 1996.This place has anything you can think of. This store sells ice cream, medicine, candy, sodas, tequila, whiskey, beer, magazines, books, bread, and also money orders. My uncle is the owner of this store. My other uncles, my dad, and my cousin work for him. I really like this store because it is a family business. I can basically get anything for free. I don't want anything to change, I feel it's perfect. A favorite memory was when this store had a posada on Christmas. We make like a secret santa among the workers. If this place were no longer here, I would be very disappointed. I visit every weekend to have a little chit chat with my uncles since the 7th grade, so it means a lot to me.

El Abajeno is a cool Mexican restaurant in Culver City. This store was in established in 1969.This restaurant has tacos, burritos, tostadas, seafood, and delicious breakfast plates. On weekends and holidays, they serve this really delicious soup called Menudo (Cow's intestines). This soup is very popular. Also on Sundays, the restaurant sells tamales outside the restaurant, only for one dollar. They have beef, chicken, cheese, and corn. The corn tamales are $1.50. I prefer the beef because I like the flavor. The owner is my cousin's grandpa. I usually order a Tongue Burrito, and every time I go, I get a discount. I would like the interior to change a little. Some new tables and chairs would be nice. This restaurant also had a posada once, and they invited the workers from Discoteca Licoreria La Mexicana and the rest of the family. We had some good food from the restaurant. If this place were no longer here, I wouldn't be able to eat the delicious tongue burrito.

My House is an awesome place to be if you want to listen to music .I have been living in my house for over eight years. I have a nice stereo. I also have this small IPod mixer. I connect this mixer to the stereo and I start mixing music. You need 2 iPods to have a cool mix. I also have my Xbox 360, where I get to play online with my friends. The game that I enjoy the most is NBA 2K9. This basketball game is awesome. The game has awesome graphics. This house means a lot to me because my family and my other realtives spend New Years Eve every year for the past five years. I wish I had a bigger room; my room is kind of small. You can't really walk around my room. I don't have any favorite memories. If I no longer had my house, I wouldn't be disappointed because everyone moves from house to house, so I wouldn't be sad.


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