Can Valley Boulevard in El Monte Become a Commercial Destination Again?


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Emerald Team Members
Sarahi S., Social Media
Alexis I. & Jesus A., Video
Frank R. and Carolina, Photography
Alexis I., Speaker

We want to bring businesses back to El Monte on Valley Blvd. Currently Valley Blvd. is an empty street and if there was less vacant lots and more places for young people, it would bring more people and attention to the City of El Monte.

Where would you go in your neighborhood to investigate and document this issue?
We will go to the city hall and to Downtown El Monte Business association to seek their support.

Who is affected by this issue in your neighborhood, and how would things change for them once you've improved the situation?
It would affect the community because residents waste time and gas to go to cities farther away when most people are trying to save money.

What are two possible ways that you can take action towards solving this issue?
There are many possible ways to take action but we highly think that using surveys to get people's opinions about what they want to see on Valley Blvd. will put a spotlight on the issue of vacant lots and get people more involved.


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