Chinatown and Christine

Since I was a couple months old, I have been living in Chinatown. My neighborhood in Chinatown resides next to Dodger Stadium. My neighborhood consists of very familiar faces that have been around since I was little. Most of these people converse well with each other and hardly anyone has grudges against one another. Due to my residence here for most of my life, it solidifies my sense of safety and my attachment to this place. Each part of my neighborhood signifies something to me.

A place that has a deep personal meaning for me is my apartment building. I have chosen this place because many events important to me have happened here. It holds a special meaning to me because this is the place where I grew up, the place that I have cried in, got hurt in, and felt loved in.

A place that I escape to is my alley.I chose this place because I spend countless hours walking back and forth, pondering over my thoughts. In this alley, I think about what I should do with my life, what I have done wrong with my life, what I have done right in my life, and the things I regret to do with my life.

A great place to hang out is Alpine Park. This is the obvious place to choose to hang out because it is where most kids socialize and get active. In my personal experience, I have found this a great place to hang out because my friends and I would have matches against one another. Competition makes hanging out with friends an great adventure.

My mentor since I was little is my neighbor, Boi. Since I was little, she would take me to places and would occasionally babysit me. I look up to her and think of her as my older sister. Her opinion matters a lot to me and I take it to heart.

A place where a group of people come together to participate in a shared activity is LACYC. Here, the kids of Chinatown gather up and offer there services to improve the community of Chinatown. This place is important to me because I like to be active in my community and I just found out about this group in the summer. Since then, my life has been more adventurous and active.

A person that I am afraid to cross paths with is my neighbors across the street. From what I have been told, they are active in gang activities. I am scared of them because I would not to get involved and end up dead. If I were to cross paths with them, I would walk fast or take out my cellphone and call someone so that I will feel safe. Luckily nothing bad has happened to me as an outcome of crossing paths with them, so I am safe for now.

A great place to eat in Chinatown is Pho '87. I chose this because I believe that Pho in general is the best food created and to be eaten. From my encounter, this specific restaurant is the best place to eat Pho because the food there tastes great and is unlike that I have tasted anywhere else. I grew up eating Pho from that place and the owner is a family friend of mine which makes my love of Pho greater.

A favorite pad to hang out is my friend, Shirley's house. I think it is a fun place to hang out because we would eat good asian food there together, watch comedic and dramatic dramas there, play "NInja", and have good talks. I have had many good memories there that are irreplaceable and my best friend that lives there makes it all worthwhile to go there. Her house always brings a smile to my day because there is never a dull moment when me and my friends visit her house to hang out.

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