Chinatown and Thomas

Like many of the other student producers, I too, am born and lived in Chinatown, Los Angeles for most of my life. The neighborhood is generally small and gregarious, mostly consisting of the community knowing each other already. Below is a terse list created by me explaining more about my neighborhood and hotspots related to me that makes Chinatown unique for me.

A place that I would like to be changed is the plot of land behind the new Chinatown Public Library. There has been meetings about changing that plot of land to a park, the reason behind this is becuase there are stairs from the back of the library leading to the top of the mountain which resides housing. Many people use this muddy stairs that is pretty much worn out now to travel as it is shorter than walking half a mile around the mountain to go home. If they construct this park, it will have stairs with RAILS, increasing the safety as there were no rails before to prevent ppl from falling.

A place that is no longer there is another empty plot of land which my friend resides now. It is the new apartments next to Asian Center; years ago it was just empty land with grass and everyone wondering, why don't they just turn that place into (insert though of person). Now they did, it's an apartment which hundreds of residents reside.

A place that has a deep personal meaning to me is the old Chinatown Library, I loved that place as it had 2 stories, quite areas where rarely ppl walk to, like a cool chilling lounge with computers, and an area dedicated to librarians with many blinds spots. But now I see this wouldn't benefit Chinatown any more as gangs increased and those quite areas would be abused.

A place that I escape to is Alpine park, I always do sports there and exercise. Needless to say, its a great spot to hang out when there are no gangs around causing trouble.

A place that has history to my family is the apartment complex across from Alpine park. I used to live there and right under us used to be a restaurant called the May Flower which has now moved to a different location. What is wierd is that I always live 50 feet away from the library. The time that I moved, the library moved, for my whole life the library has always been a doorstep away from me.

A place where I would be afraid to go/meet is near the Pacific Alliance Medical Center, the center not the hospital. There winds a smooth road sloped which resides gangs and many incidents has happened there. It would not be a place I would like to walk past alone during the night.

A great place to eat would be Phillipes, that old French restuarant which has resided in Chinatown for numerous years famous for thier French Dipped Sandviches, yes I do mean Sandviches. Just keep in mind that when you are there, its the quality not quantity, so don't mind those small proportions.

My favorite pad would be my cousins home, most of the time they have interesting stuff happening, such as new inventions or teaching me about new stuff that I never learned before. That place is like a school with interesting facts that you actually want to know and will helping you in life.

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