Chinatown and Tommy

I currently live in Chinatown, Los Angeles and have lived here almost my entire life. I moved to Chinatown a couple months after birth in Houston, Texas. I moved to a new neighborhood in October so I don't know much about the people living around me. The neighbor that lives right beside me is very nice and welcoming. My mother and her have become good friends. She even gave a 32" because she wasn't using it. My friend, Kam, lives across the street from where I live. Below, I have compiled a list of places that have personal meaning to me.

A place that I want to see changed it Little Joes because that area isn't being used. That area was closed down a long time ago and the land could be put to good use.

A place that is no longer there is BBQ King. It was torn down to make way for the Orsini.

A place that I escape to is my room. My room is nice and quiet so I can relax. I can do homework or play games with no annoyances.

A place that I hang out is Alpine Park. Every Friday and Saturday night, I go to the basketball courts at Alpine Park to play with my friends and hang out.

My mentor is my brother-in-law. He is a knowledgable and kind person. He teaches me things that he's learned in his life and he is also very generous.

A place where a group of people come together is Chinatown Service Center. Students from all over Chinatown can come and help out in giving ideas on making this community a better place to live.

A great place to eat is Pho 87. It is a Vietnamese restaurant that sells different kinds of Vietnamese food. My favorite food to order is the combination pho.

My favorite pad is my house because that's the usual place my friends and I go to. We watch movies and hang out.

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