Chinatown & Kevin

Chinatown has been my home ever since I was born. My neighborhood is somewhat calm and dirty. The neighborhood has somewhat changed from as long as I can remember to now. A new school has been built two blocks away from my house and several new luxurious apartments have been built. But the most dramatic change to me is the neighbors.

A place that is no longer in Chinatown that was a great place was the BBQ King. Even though they do not serve Chinese food and is popular with black customers it was a nice little fast food place that I had the privilege to taste once and it was fairly good. It was bought out by the larger and dominate Orsini apartments.

I want the Orsini changed because it is a very large luxurious apartment that the average Chinatown family cannot afford and only benefits the people that work in downtown. I feel like it is taking too much space and is not necessary.

Castelar my elementary school is a very meaningful place to me. Not only did they provide me with my education, but with friends and fun activities. It was a very fun and enjoyable learning environment while it lasted.

The Alpine park is a great place to hang out with a few basketball courts it is a place where I hang out with my friends. It's a great free place in Chinatown where you can interact with friends both socially and physically.

My neighbor Henry has lived right above my apartment for as long as I can remember. He is three years older than me and is sort of like my mentor when I was growing up.

The library is a great place where my friends come together and do collaborative homework to speed up the process and have a little fun in between. It is also a great place to look up information; being a library it contains many fun and useful books.

Pho 87 is a great place to eat, even though it is a Vietnamese restaurant it is one of the best restaurant in Chinatown. They have a large selection of food to choose from and its definitely a bang for your buck.

My favorite place to go is my friend Tommy's house. We would pretty much watch movies and eat an abundant of food. There seems to always be something funny when we watch a movie. It doesn't matter if it was a horror movie, action movie, boring movie, over all in the end we all burst out laughing.

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