Community Connections: Meet Monique C.

A pomegranate tree connects Monique to her community

I am currently in 12th grade and I attend Mountain View High School. The neighborhood that I call home sweet home is El Monte. The San Gabriel river is right by us, very close to our city actually.

What's the most important thing to know about you?
That I love to act and be in front of the camera. Anything that has to do with that I am very comfortable. I am a very lovable and humorous person. I love a good laugh. Also I'm very outgoing and love to experience new things and meet knew people. So if you ever see me don't be scared to say hi!

Where is the first and last place you would take a new visitor in your neighborhood?
The first place I would take someone is to the Valley Mall. That's a very historical place in this City of El Monte and I would love to share it with anybody. The last place I would show them is probably where all the old industries and houses are located. There is no need to show people that.

What object connects you to your neighborhood?
The object that connects me to my neighborhood is a pomegranate. We have two big trees growing in my yard. It links me to my community because people come and ask to have some. That's how we get to know people and talk to them.

Thank you so much for spending your time to know a little about myself and my community.


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