Community Connections: Meet Tiffany D.

My name is Tiffany D. and I'm a Senior at Arroyo High School. I'm very comfortable with the school community since I have been here. I like this school because everyone is very friendly. The most important thing to know about me is I'm very quiet -- I'm better at listening. Most of the time it takes time for me to get comfortable with new people.

The object that connects me to my community is our school newspaper. I've been in the journalism class since the 9th grade and the class is very important to me because I've made many friends. This is our most recent issue and one I feel very proud off.


What object connects you to your community? We asked the Youth Voices students at Arroyo High School this question at the end of our first meeting and requested they bring that object to our next class meeting. The items they brought and their explanations offer physical evidence of the personal link the students have with their neighborhood and identifies their departure point for this project: their experience, memories and personal understanding of their community. To see more of the student's work click HERE or use #kcetyv on Twitter and Instagram.

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