Community Outreach: Students Meet The Community


Youth Voices is working with students from Mountain View High School to re-imagine the San Gabriel River and the surrounding communities. The student teams are exploring and investigating their communities by mapping assets, conducting outreach, and collecting stories through interviews with local residents and experts. Follow their work here, on Twitter @lady&gents_ and on Instagram by using #kcetyv.

What was the name of the event your team attended?
The event that we took part in was the South El Monte Arts Posse's "Towards a New History & Archive." The focus of the event was to explore the history of activism in El Monte, through discussions and presentations. The group was also collecting stories and photos of El Monte and South El Monte residents as part of a new archive they are developing.

What was the outreach activity your team conducted at the event?
We displayed our project in the main presentation room, and asked participants for feedback on our project. Our team passed out postcards that asked, "What do you want to see at the first dog park in El Monte?" and "Could this be the site of El Monte's first dog park?"

What type of information, input and/or data did your team collect?
We got direct suggestions as to what we could include in our dog park. Many comments concerned the safety of the dogs, and efficient comfort/cleanliness for both the owners and visitors. Shady spaces and seating were a big concern.

Did you meet anyone at the event that may become a resource for your project?
Yes we met community members which all happily contributed their ideas and best wishes for the dog park.

Overall, how would you rate the success of your outreach activity?
We successfully collected some positive responses and ideas from residents and some youth. The event also allowed us to put a spotlight on our community cause and the Departures Youth Voices program.

Co-directors of the South El Monte Arts Posse, Carribean Fragoza and Romeo Guzman welcome the conference participants
Mountain View High School Youth Voices students

Monique and JayJay talk to a participant about the proposed dog park
A conference participant gets ready to write her comments on the dog park

The final South El Monte Arts Posse event for the East of East series, "A New Archive in the City," takes place on February 8 at the Grace Black Auditorium.


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