Community Outreach: Surveying Students on the Condition of San Fernando Rd.


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As North East Peace (N.E.P.), we have decided to focus on improving conditions on San Fernando Road. We want to raise awareness about improving this busy road and make a push for adding stop lights, a bike lane, as well as fixing the pot holes and adding wider sidewalks. We feel that creating a wider, safer San Fernando Road will improve our community.

For our outreach effort, we created a survey that included five questions, and passed it out to juniors and seniors during class. Here are some of the responses we received:


We got the students' attention by asking them what changes they would like to see on San Fernando Road. The result of the activity was very successful because many people had strong ideas on what they want on San Fernando Road.

Some information we received came when we asked the people on the survey "How do you get to school?" Many said they usually come by car or bus. On the next question we asked, "What were your concerns on San Fernando Road?" Some said the street needed more street lights.

Everybody in Los Angeles River School loved the survey. The majority of the people we surveyed said they wanted to see improvements on San Fernando Road, especially better sidewalks.

N.E.P. reviewing completed surveys

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