Erika M's Best Spots in Her Neighborhood

My House My home where I sleep, eat, and breathe freely. This place means everything to me, I mean I grew up there its my home. I don't like to say I want to change anything bout my home because I am grateful to even have a home, seeing as how there are a lot of people that don't even have that. There are way to many memories in my house so I wouldn't know just one to choose. My sister and me have so many crazy memories everyday so everyday is a new favorite memory.

Santa Monica Pier This place is a pier located above the beach of Santa Monica. This place is one of my favorite places to go hang out with friends and/or family. I have lived in this community since I was little so visiting the pier has been a tradition ever since I can remember. There isn't much I would like to change, maybe cheaper prizes on the tickets or something. My favorite memory of the pier, is when it was Jessica's 13 birthday. That is my favorite memory because it was the first time I had hung out with my friends at the pier. If the pier was no longer there I would be mad, because it is one of the only fun places to hang out around my neighborhood.

Third Street Promenade The Third Street Promenade is located in Santa Monica one block away from the Santa Monica Pier. There are many stores and restaurants located on this Street and they are closed off so cars cannot pass through and people can walk on the street. This place is special to me because it is another place where I like to spend time with friends and my family. I enjoy going to the theater and eating at the different restaurants and of course shop. If I could change anything it would be for them to work quicker on rebuilding the mall at the beginning of Third Street because it will provide man more places for me to shop and hang out.

Jessica's House This is Jessica's house where we go to hang out after school and do fun activities. This place means a lot to me because it is where me and my two other best friends spend a lot of our time. If I could change one thing about Jessica's House it would be for her house to be closer to mine. Again, there are way too many good memories for me to pick just one, but something I always remember about Jessica's House is that everyone must take their shoes off before they enter, because her carpet is exquisitely clean. If the place was no longer there I would gladly offer Jessica a spot in my room for her to reside in while she searches for a new home.

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